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Store Reseller B2B Diagnosis

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This is a Store Diagnosis Service and returning shipping for computer business owners who own at least one computer business. We can fix your customers' device motherboard for a flat rate charge of $100 Labor plus shipping. Please make sure you enter your tax ID in the note when you fill out the form on your first repair so we can keep in on file. Also note that this charge is for a motherboard repair only, not for a motherboard replacement. If the motherboard is deemed not repairable and you choose to replace the motherboard, then we will quote prices for new or refurbished motherboard, no fees to pay if you choose not to repair the unit except return shipping.

Most motherboard repairs do not require additional part replacements. However, if you need to replace a certain part for your customers' laptops, we can guarantee that you will get the best quality parts at the lowest possible cost. We have an exclusive program on part machine purchase that we can match prices from our competitors. You can rest assure you are in good hands and being taken care by a staff of professionals.

Sample Pricing for Parts

Keyboard Dell Inspiron


Power chip repair kit for HP dv motherboard


Motherboard for Dell C series


DC Jack Toshiba


LCD cable HP



Sounds good? Here are some simple steps to ship your laptops to Laptop Repair 911.


1. Buy this item, make sure you follow all directions during the check out process. Properly packing your laptop is extremely important. As a general guideline, use a box with at least a 2" air gap between the laptop and the box on the top, bottom and sides of your laptop. Fill this air gap with packing popcorn, bubble wrap, or similar protective material. It is advisable to bubble wrap your laptop and then use protective popcorn to fill in the remainder of the air gap. The packing material should fill the entire air gap.

2. Include your laptop battery and AC adapter in the box. When including the AC adapter, place the adapter on the side of the computer (not on top); this will prevent possible top pressure of the box to crack the display on the laptop. Also enclose a copy of your repair order confirmation in the box so that we can easily identify your laptop when it is received. Your order confirmation can be printed after you complete the purchase of this item.

3. Adequate carrier insurance should be purchased to protect your equipment from damage during shipping. Note: Even if you insure an item with a carrier, if the item was not packed properly, you will not be able to obtain a claim from the carrier. Please consult with your carrier on adequate packing standards.

4. The animated illustration below is of a well-packed laptop box for shipping. This box is available for purchase from FedEx or UPS.

5. There are many shipping alternatives for your laptop. You can call FedEx or UPS, who will come to your home or business to pick up the laptop (residential pickups include an extra fee), or you can drop your laptop off at the Post Office or FedEx or UPS shipping outlet. These outlets will have proper packing materials if you don't have them.

6. After completing this purchase, you can ship the laptop to the address noted on the confirmation page. Please be sure to include a copy of that confirmation page in the box and make the order number visible on the shipping label when you pack your laptop for shipping.

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